Have Your Locks Been Compromised? 3 Common Signs It’s Time To Contact A Reputable Locksmith

5 November 2020
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There is nothing more worrying than the thought that someone could have the keys to your locks. Safety and security are very important, both in the home and commercial environments. Some of the things that can go wrong in an office environment when safety is compromised include losing important documents and client information. If the problem is occurring in a home environment, then you need to worry about the safety of your family members and the loss of essential home appliances to thieves. Read More 

Unlocking The Truth About Mortise Locks

10 August 2020
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A door is only as secure as the lock that protects it, and there are so many different types of locks out there to choose from. While many property owners will simply call up a locksmith and state they need a new lock, many will never stop to consider all the options available. The mortise lock is a prime example of a type of lock that many property owners know little about even though they have likely encountered several in their lifetime. Read More 

When Is The Right Time For Commercial Door Repair?

13 May 2020
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By many perspectives, business and residential doors are markedly different. You must ensure each door fits your needs when you buy, erect, or merely test an existing business entrance. Depreciation is higher with commercial doors than with residential doors. Large items will often be carried through these doors, so they have to be more durable and compliant with basic safety standards than normal doors. Design Commercial doors can be customized if you'd like to create an extra unique touch to them or to reinforce the company's identity. Read More