Have Your Locks Been Compromised? 3 Common Signs It's Time To Contact A Reputable Locksmith

5 November 2020
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There is nothing more worrying than the thought that someone could have the keys to your locks. Safety and security are very important, both in the home and commercial environments. Some of the things that can go wrong in an office environment when safety is compromised include losing important documents and client information. If the problem is occurring in a home environment, then you need to worry about the safety of your family members and the loss of essential home appliances to thieves.

As a homeowner or building and business manager, you should always know the most common telltale signs that your locks or security systems have been compromised. If you are keen enough, you can actually tell when your keys have been duplicated or when someone has tried to access your house. Here are three ways to spot these signs and how a competent locksmith can help you.

Your Keys Mysteriously Go Missing

If you have experienced an instance where the keys simply vanished for some time, and then they were found, someone may have tampered with them. It is important to note that duplicating keys is a process that can be done in less than an hour. This means that, even if the keys were missing for less than a few hours, someone may have compromised them. In this case, call in a locksmith to help you decide whether changing the locks will offer the safety you need.

You Can Spot Signs of Damage on the Locks

You can also tell if your locks have been tampered with once you see signs of damage on the lock surfaces. For instance, if your locks didn't have dents and scratches, and you realize that they have these damages all of a sudden, it could be an indication that you need to replace the locks.

Most of the time, when unscrupulous individuals attempt to gain entry into your house, they will leave behind small scratches and suspicious wear on the lock component.

You Can't Get Some Vital Things

Another way that you can tell that someone has tampered with your locks includes missing documents and other items inside the office or other building. If things are missing and there is no sign of forced entry, you need to think about changing your locks. 

These are the important things that you ought to have in mind when deciding whether to change locks or not.  You can have a locksmith assess the condition of your locks and help you get replacement locks within the shortest time.