4 Keyless Entry System Locksmith Services For Vehicle Owners

11 April 2022
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Keyless entry systems allow vehicle owners to gain entry to their vehicles without the need for traditional keys. Most modern cars feature some form of keyless entry system, but a locksmith can improve upon this system or even replace parts as necessary. Here are four things that a locksmith who specializes in keyless entry systems can do for your car:

1. Upgrade your keyless entry system.

Basic keyless entry systems have a limited range. This is because keyless entry systems function using radio technology. A radio signal is sent from a transmitter in your key fob to your car, where it unlocks your doors. A locksmith can upgrade your keyless entry system with a more powerful radio transmitter, which can allow you to unlock your car door from a greater distance. This can be of great help when you're trying to find your car in a large parking structure. It can even help you save time by unlocking your car while you're still in your house.

2. Replace and reprogram a lost key fob.

Security is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to big investments like cars and trucks. Keyless entry systems maintain your vehicle's security using a specific radio frequency that is unique to your car. However, this can pose some problems if you lose your factory-issued key fob. A locksmith can help by programming a new key fob to unlock your car. You may also want to utilize this service to create backup key fobs that you can keep in your desk or purse to prevent lockouts.

3. Install a keyless entry system with a keypad.

Some people may like the idea of a keyless entry system that allows them to access their car, even without a key fob. A locksmith can help by installing a keyless entry system that features a keypad. The keypad is typically located on the driver-side door of your car. When a pre-programmed sequence of numbers is keyed into the keypad, the door will unlock. This is one way to share a car with others without having to make multiple copies of keys.

4. Add a keyless start system.

Finally, some locksmiths can upgrade your keyless entry system with a keyless start system. This will allow you to start your car with a touch of a button once you're safely inside. A keyless start system can complete your keyless experience and make the experience of driving faster and more convenient. 

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