Is Your Loved One Forgetful? Gift Ideas To Solve Lockout Problems For Both Home And Car

14 November 2016
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Sometimes the most practical gift ideas are the best ones, especially when you find yourself tasked with finding the perfect gift for a loved one who is notoriously forgetful. You know the one - that friend or relative who is known to end up in a panic at least once a month because they have locked their keys inside their car or home and become stranded somewhere. To help prevent being on the receiving end of their pleading calls for rescue in the future, consider giving them a gift that will help them resolve the problems caused by their own forgetfulness.

Spare keys and a secure place to hide them

The first gift idea to help your forgetful friend is to pay for them to visit a reputable locksmith in their area who can make them two copies of both their house and car keys. One copy of each key should then be hidden in a super secret location outside their home so that they never again find themselves stranded in their own driveway because their keys are locked inside either the house or car. Be sure to caution them to never hide the key in obvious places where a thief might look, such as under the doormat, a rock, or in a potted plant near the door. Instead have them choose a unique location in the backyard or another area of the property where it can be safely concealed. 

The second car and house key that they have made should be given to a close friend, neighbor, or relative who lives in the same area as your loved one. Make sure that the person chosen to keep the spare keys is trustworthy and willing to take the keys to your loved one during an emergency lockout situation.  

Pre-paid mobile locksmith services

Because there will always be a time when your forgetful loved one will still manage to lock themselves out of their home or car without being able to find their spare key or contact the person who holds their second set of spares, a wonderful idea is to gift them with a pre-paid mobile locksmith service call. To arrange this, choose a reputable locksmith in their area who offers round-the-clock service, furnish them with your friend's name, address, and mobile phone number and then pre-pay for one or more service calls to be used within a set period of time, usually one year. A gift like this will make sure that your loved one is able to reach help easily the next time they suffer a forgetful episode without interrupting your busy schedule. 

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