Keeping Your Staff Safe: Security and Safety Equipment Options

11 August 2016
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Keeping your staff safe and secure is important for your business, and adding the right types of equipment to your building can help you to ensure a safe working environment. Here are just a few types of equipment your locksmith can add to your business location to provide peace of mind for your employees while they are on the job.

Crash Bars

Crash bars are mechanisms that can be added to emergency exits to make it easy to leave the building in an emergency. They have a simple design, so your employees can push the door open as needed. These bars are also wired to your alarm system, so they send out a signal that there is an emergency in the building. Having this alarm go off will help to let your staff know that they also need to leave the office, like in the case of a fire or other dangerous situation.

Keypad Locks

If your business is not open to the public, having keypad locks on your interior office doors can help to prevent intruders from entering the work area. These locks can be added to the entrance to each department as well as to individual offices. This keeps unauthorized personnel out of each area and limits access to only certain employees. You can also use key cards instead of keypads, depending on your personal preferences.

Interior Security Cameras

Security cameras aren't just for the exterior of your building. Placing them inside can help your security team to identify threats, such as intruders. Cameras can also make it easier to identify any employees who might be in danger, such as a staff member who may have passed out in a remote location in the building. Consider placing cameras in every room permissible, exceptions being rooms like restrooms or locker rooms, where employees have an expectation of privacy.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems come in handy for a range of purposes. They can be used to communicate vital information to your staff, such as the need for an evacuation. For this, you will need the system to be connected to speakers throughout the building. You can also use intercom systems at your front entrance to screen visitors to your building.

Your commercial locksmith offers a range of services that can help to improve safety and security in your building. Schedule an inspection to get more ideas from your locksmith about how to create a security system that protects your assets as well as your employees.