Use Defensive Gardening Along With Locks To Keep A Safe House

6 July 2016
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There are a few off the track, seemingly unrelated to home security things that you can do in order to make sure thieves have a harder time breaking into your house. In particular, these things have to do with gardening. Here's how you can garden your way to a safer home.

Garden Away from Entrances

You should clear anything that can be used as concealment away from entrances, with the exception of the areas where a thief would have to enter into the lawn to make it towards a window. This is to make it harder for thieves to make a move on your house without being noticed. You should also make sure motion sensor lights are activated throughout your lawn and especially in otherwise dark areas.

Trees can also be used to climb and gain access to the second story of your house. That's why it's important to try to make sure that you either remove trees too close to your home completely or otherwise remove tree limbs that might grant access. You want to give thieves as few tools as possible for approaching your house so that they will think better of it.

Garden Defensively

This doesn't mean that you can't have any vegetation at all, forever. If you line your house with shrubs and bushes that have thorns, this can also be an effective method, provided that they don't offer any real cover. The bushes should also be a bit away from the windows if they do have any cover so that the thief still has to expose himself to light to get it.

However, as long as you follow these guidelines, a thief is going to have to think real hard about whether they want to risk getting cut and then stuck in thorny rose bushes if they go after your house from a side window. This will often be an effective deterrent, so that thieves would often decide to go to a different house that doesn't have thorn bushes to worry about getting through before they've even gotten to your windowsill.

Obviously, these deterrents aren't going to be enough completely by themselves. It's also important to install what security systems and locks you can as soon as possible. Deterrents involving your landscaping will deter thieves, but some may be bold enough to try it anyway. Adding a security system will synergize well with your gardening deterrent to give you a truly deep system. 

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