Tips For Locking Up Your Bike

5 July 2016
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Bikes are a fantastic form of transportation because you don't have to pay for gas, you get some exercise, and are able to have a wider variability of parking spaces due to the fact that a bike is smaller than a car. The problem is that, due to the bike's smaller size, it is far easier to steal a bike than it is to steal a car. If you are interested in making sure that your bike doesn't get stolen, you will need to make absolutely sure that you lock it up correctly. Here are some tips.

1. Get a Lock With a Thick Chain

Your first step is to get a lock with a thick chain. The main purpose of a lock is to slow the thief down. If a bike thief doesn't have your lock's code or key, he or she will need to saw through the chain in order to actually remove the entire bike. If you get a lock with a thick chain, you will deter thieves because there will be less of a chance that they will want to take the risk of sawing through the chain before you come back.

Either a bike lock with a key or a bike lock with a code is acceptable because both are relatively easy to keep safe.

2. Lock the Wheels and the Frame

Be sure that you get a bike lock that is long enough to thread through the wheels and the frame of the bike. You want to lock up everything because thieves will still want to steal your wheels if they are not locked up.

3. Lock to Something Solid

Before you leave your bike, make sure that you shake whatever you have locked it to. If there's any chance that the pole that you have locked your bike to might come loose, don't lock it there.

4. Mark Your Bike

Finally, consider scratching your name and phone number into the front and back of your bike in order to make it much more difficult for anyone to try to steal your bike and sell it immediately afterwords.

5. Purchase a Lock from a Professional

Finally, make sure that you are purchasing your lock from a locksmith, rather than just a retail store. This will allow you to ensure that the lock is well-made and cannot be easily sprung.

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