3 Beneficial Reasons To Get Keyless Locks For Your House

30 June 2016
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Are you trying to figure out how you can make the entry doors to your house more secure? Keyless locks are worth giving some consideration because they come along with a few different benefits that you might like. There are also different models of keyless locks that you can choose from, such as locks with a keypad and carded access. In this article, you will learn why hiring a locksmith to install keyless locks on the entry doors to your house is a good idea.

1. No Worrying About Teenagers Losing House Keys

Keyless locks can really come in handy if you have teenagers that need keys to get into the house after school when you are not home. Rather than worrying about your teens carrying keys around all day and possibly losing them with a potential burglar possibly picking the keys up, you can opt for a lock that works with a personal identification number (PIN). You can give each of your kids their own PIN, or they can all use the same one to access the house.

2. Easily Allow People Entry When You Are Away

If you always take road trips and spend a lot of time away from your house, it is a good idea to have someone to check up on it every now and then.  If a need arises for your house to be checked on, you can simply call a trusted friend or family member and give them the PIN to your entry lock. For instance, if a bad storm develops while you are out of town, you can have someone to go and inspect your house for damages. You will then know if you should cut your trip short and return home or not.

3. Hard to Pick for Burglars

Keyless locks are difficult for burglars to pick because trying to figure out a PIN is almost impossible if you choose your numbers strategically. It will also take a lot of skills for a burglar to duplicate a card for a card access lock. The burglar will end up having to spend a lot of time trying to figure the lock out, which will likely lead to him or her passing your house up out of the fear of being caught.

Get in touch with a locksmith to reserve a day for keyless locks to be installed on the doors to your house as soon as you are ready.