What You Should Know About Using Deadbolts And Electronic Locks For A Business

29 June 2016
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Do you need help deciding on the type of lock that will be ideal for keeping your business safe? Using either electronic or deadbolt locks is definitely something you'll want to consider. Here is some more information about the benefits of using both types.

Why Use Electronic Locks?

Part of what makes an electronic lock safer than a traditional deadbolt is the mechanism that is installed in the door. A locksmith will install a motor inside the door, which is much harder to pick than a standard deadbolt. This motor only operated when the proper code or key card is used.

For a business, the greatest benefit of this kind of lock is that there are no traditional keys made for employees, which can get stolen, lost, or used by somebody that you did not intend to have access. If a key card is lost, you can deactivate that individual key card using the computer system. For code systems, each employee can have their own unique code. It can give you peace of mind by knowing who enters and exits the facility, and save you money in the end by not needing to rekey all the locks when employees leave the business.

You are not limited by key card and codes either. Electronic locks offer a variety of entry methods, and you can pick the one that best suits your business. For instance, many smart locks can be linked with a smart phone, letting employees enter the building using an app that is password protected. Biometric locks can also be installed that use a fingerprint scanner.

Why Use Deadbolts?

A problem with an electronic lock is that is does not work in all situations. It needs power in order for it to operate, which makes the lock useless during power outages. A traditional deadbolt is dependable, and you won't have to worry about the technology failing on you when you need it most.

Deadbolts will still be secure, since they are constructed with solid steel that sit deep within each door jam when locked. It makes it difficult to simply kick down a door with a strong deadbolt when the locking mechanism and door frame have been installed correctly.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

You should expect to pay about $150 for a locksmith to come out to your business, and up to $30 to install each lock. However, it's a relatively small amount when you consider the security of your business.