Teaching Your Children About Security Services: Items That Introduce Them To The World Of Security

29 June 2016
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Children are naturally curious, and they are quick to learn about many different things. One of the first things you might want to teach your children is security. Personal security, home safety, and security over the things you have and own are all valuable lessons for kids. You can begin these activities in preschool and continue to add different items to explore and learn from as the children get older. All of the following items and approaches can teach children about the world of security and personal safety.

Preschool Teaching Items

Things you can use to teach these little ones about security and safety include:

  • Padlocks, which the children have to turn and solve
  • Children's toy safes for keeping their treasures safe in their rooms
  • Using keys in all kinds of locks and how locks are opened with keys
  • Wooden board puzzles that feature several different door fasteners to encourage little ones to unlock the "doors" to see what is behind them

Since children love solving things and opening things, these introductory materials are perfect for this stage of explaining security and safety to them.

Elementary School 

As your children enter the grade school years, they may want to ride their bikes or scooters to school. This is the perfect time to teach them about bike locks and bike chains to protect their possessions. Combination locks with backup keys to unlock them are a good idea. If your children's school also uses lockers, the kids will learn about opening the locks on their lockers and about keeping others out of their lockers, and preventing theft and vandalism. Elementary school children may also enjoy seeing themselves on any security cameras you have installed in the house, as well as learning how those cameras project video feed back to your closed circuit TV (and why they cannot watch cartoons on this TV!).

Middle School and High School 

At this stage, you can introduce why it is necessary to lock doors and windows and keep everyone and everything safe at night. Watching the nightly news or investigative report shows is not only an intriguing means of teaching about what can go wrong when proper security measures are not taken, but also helps solidify reality regarding the crimes that occur without security devices in place. If you have built a safe room, panic room or bunker for your family, this age group can help you stock it with supplies and learn to operate the control panels and locks for it. Making sure everybody has a phone or some means to communicate in an emergency is also part of this learning process. Technologically advanced keypads, keyless entries and security systems should all be part of the security and safety education at this age.

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