Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Door Locks

16 June 2016
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Digital door locks are an alternative form of door locks that make use of a digital keypad instead of a traditional set of keys. This unique method of operation comes with a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages for your home. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks associated with digital door locks can help you decide whether or not a digital door lock is the right security option for your home.

Advantages of Digital Door Locks

Convenience: One the largest draws of digital door locks is the fact that they are extremely convenient to use. You don't have to carry your keys around with you while you're out, and you won't be able to be locked out because you forgot to grab your house key before heading out the door. This can help save you time and reduce your headaches in your day to day life.

Lock Pick Immune: Another huge draw of digital door locks is the fact that they cannot be picked like traditional keyed tumbler locks can be. This is because digital door locks do not have pins which are pushed into place to unlock the door, instead relying on a digital release that cannot be physically forced. This gives your home a greater degree of security when compared to traditional door locks.

Easy Customization: Unlike traditional door locks, which have to be rekeyed or replaced when you lose your keys or when you move in, digital door locks can be easily and quickly reprogrammed at a moment's notice. This helps save you money because you won't have to contact a locksmith and also increases the security of your home by allowing you to effectively change the locks on your home whenever you want.

Disadvantages of Digital Door Locks

Power Outage: Digital door locks do function through the use of electricity, which can render the locks ineffective during a power outage, leaving you locked out. While some models of digital door locks come with a backup battery, it is still something to keep in mind (especially since backup batteries can die and need to be regularly replaced, increasing long-term maintenance).

Wear: Another notable downfall of digital door locks is the fact that over time, the keypad can become worn or marked due to general use. This can make it easier for intruders to guess the combination to enter your home. While this can be mitigated by keeping the keypad clean and changing the code periodically, it is still important to note.

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