The Do's And Don'ts Of Hiding A Spare Set Of Car Keys

14 June 2016
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It has been said to err is human, and when it comes to keeping track of the keys you rely on to use your car, to err can mean you are stuck stranded, with no way to get in your vehicle, let alone start it. Keeping a set of spare car keys on hand for these moments is only logical, but there are a few do's and don'ts that you should keep in mind when it comes to hiding or putting away a set of replacement car keys.

Do entrust a spare set of keys to a good friend or neighbor.

Hand over a set of spare keys to someone you can trust and when you're locked out of your vehicle or lose your own keys, you will always have someone to call who can help you out. A close friend, your mom or dad, or even a neighbor you really trust are all good examples of people you could leave a spare set of keys with.

Don't entrust a spare set of keys to someone who is hard to reach.

It's not going to do you any good if the person you give a spare set of keys to for safe keeping is hard to reach. If the person is frequently away on business, rarely answers their phone or is otherwise hard to reach when you need them, pick someone else.

Do leave a spare set of keys at the office.

Your place of employment is a good place to keep a spare set of keys logically because this is where you probably spend the most of your time other than home. A spare set tucked away in your desk drawer, locker, or employee cubicle can be a lifesaver in the event you lose your primary set of keys.

Don't leave your keys in an unsecured location.

Even though leaving a set of keys at work is a good idea, do not leave the keys in a place where just anyone can grab them. Your keys should be kept under lock and key so not just anybody can walk by and take them.

Do keep a spare set of keys with your vehicle.

Tuck a spare car key in a magnetic key storage box and stick it to the outside of your vehicle for emergency situations. Magnetic key-storage boxes stick in inconspicuous places and can be retrieved at a moment's notice.

Don't tell people where you keep your spare key.

Make sure you don't share the location of your spare key with the rest of the world. Likewise, if you have to retrieve your spare key in a public place, make sure you do not put the same key-storage box back on your vehicle in the same place.